The road to a great company begins with one step, dare to take it for less than the cost of 1 soda a day.

Do you want to generate more income?

You will be able to better manage the process
commercial and customer service

The application that knows your needs and potentiates your opportunities prepared and adapted for Mexican companies.

Take your company to the next level

Do you want to successfully implement vTigerCRM?
Are you already using it and not getting the most out of it?
At vTiger we can help you implement it with all the guarantees of success with the help of our specialized consultants.

-Increased supervision

-Generate reports with just a few clicks away, with this you will have a fast and effective supervision, knowing what is happening in all your processes.

-Achieving sales targets

-Capture leads quickly from your web page, landing page etc. .... (Mike)

-By giving the sales force a superior organization and daily supervision, we will increase productivity and with it the closing of sales.

A punctual follow-up avoids forgetting to contact a customer, achieving customer loyalty and eliminating the risk of losing sales due to lack of follow-up or the departure of a salesperson.

-Effective relationships with your customers.

-Achieve customer loyalty by making it easier for you to manage important customer information, knowing the best and satisfying their needs.

Características de vTigerCRM Open Source

integrated with prestashop

Import your customers and orders from the online store to the CRM.

integrable with WordPress

Inserts all registered contacts and their comments automatically into the CRM.

Integrable with Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird

Archive your important emails in the CRM contact file so you don't lose any data in emails that move your company.

integrated with accounting

Export your invoices and payment notes to your favorite accounting software to save duplicate data insertion tasks. It has an Android/iOS app for accessing crm data on smartphones.

Business process management

Manage your contacts, calendar activities and business opportunities.

Automated Email Marketing

Launch your automatic emails to your contacts under a well-defined commercial process tailored to your company.

after sales

Manage incidents or tickets, assign tasks to your technicians so that your customers experience high quality customer service.

Budget and Invoicing Management

Prepare your quotes in PDF, transform them with a single click into their corresponding invoice.

with all our work we are proud of all the vtigerCRM Open Source projects we develop....

more than 100 thousand vTigerCRM Open Source implementations in 5 countries represent our endorsement for our customers.


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